Cartier & The City of Light


cartier-logo-wallpaper-1024x475Like any woman, I love jewelry that sparkles so, I was ecstatic to learn that Cartier is debuting a line to capture a younger, fashionable & style savvy client.

Cartier announced the relaunch of the “Paris Nouvelle Vague” Collection around the first of June with a one minute video found on their website and their social media. This will be Cartier’s third relaunch of this collection since its original launch in 1999. The new collection has expanded to be more in line with today’s lifestyles of style-conscious women.

The collection is inspired by Paris and its architecture and will include 25 new designs. The following two pieces are my favorite in the collection.

Paris’ Pont des Arts AKA The Love Lock Bridge, inspired a bracelet and necklace to capture the tradition and sentiment of the bridge. The necklace is molded into a trellis pattern in 18K pink gold and is hung with 12 amethysts, 14 aquamarines, 15 tourmalines, 9 spinels, and 27 brilliant cut diamonds totaling 0.77 carats. The gold trellis represents the actual bridge and the jewels represent the “love locks”.


The Seine River inspired a wave design cocktail ring made out of 18K white gold, it’s set with black lacquer and 161 brilliant cut diamonds totaling 8.89 carats.

For more information and to see the entire collection: