Eddie Borgo Takes On The Handbag



Eddie Borgo is one of my all-time favorite jewelry designers. His designs remind me of Modern Art and Architecture, and now he is taking those same concepts to a handbag collection. Unfortunately, we have to wait until February 2016 to get out hands on them but from what I have read and seen they will definitely be worth the wait.

bagsTwo years of developing went into the new line. Borgo and his team turned to pocketbooks from the 1950’s and 1960’s where they found inspiration from the silhouettes and function. This lead to designing 5 styles in muted colors of jet black, evergreen, blush pink, subtle gray, and purple.

The entire collection is Italian made with rubber or latex covered leather exteriors for water resistance. The hardware is aluminum which gives the bags a lighter feel and some of the hardware is even custom for those little but important details, like an easy open clasp. And the inside of the bag is just as stunning, as all the leather styles are lined in retro jacquard. The pricing of the collection will start at $650 and go up to $3190.00.

If you want to add one of these pieces of art to your handbag collection then head to one of the following luxury retaillers early next year: The Webster in Miami, Maxfield in Los Angeles, Jefferys in New York & Atlanta, Forty Five Ten in Dallas, and Colette in Paris.