Yves Saint Laurent & Me



October 25, 2014 was a day I will always remember, as this was the day I privately toured 5, Avenue Marceau-The House of Yves Saint Laurent.

Now known as, Foundation: Pierre Berge Yves Saint Laurent, it houses the accomplishments of 40 years of creation & was created to share the history of the House of Yves Saint Laurent. It also, houses about 5,000 original haute couture garments and 15,000 accessories, jewelry, drawings, and other objects.

At 11Am on Saturday, the 25th of October, 2014 our private tour guide, Clementine greeted us at the front door of 5, Avenue Marceau.

Once inside the Foundation, we were shown into the Reception Salon, which was where Yves Saint Laurent’s Clients would have sat & watched a parade of his latest collection. The Salon was also were appointments for alterations took place.

From there, we were guided up a staircase of soft green carpet and the whole  time I was thinking, “I am taking the path that Yves Saint Laurent took every day, I am basically walking in his shoes.”

At the top of the stairs, Clementine points to the closed doors on our right. These are the doors to Pierre Berge’s Office, which he comes to every day mid-afternoon.

From here we go left down a long hall and I noticed that there were a lot of mirrored doors. I asked Clementine what was behind the doors and see proceeded to tell me that this is where all photographs, articles, editorials, and press that have to do with the House of Yves Saint Laurent are stored.

As we came to the end of the hallway, Clementine told us to turn left. I turned left and realized that I was walking into the Studio of Yves Saint Laurent, the room where every collection was born. There in front of me was a wall lined in books, photographs, and drawings. I just stood there and stared at the Studio as there was so much to take in and my mind was going 900MPH. His white couturier coat was draped over the back of his chair. The cane from Monsieur Dior sits front and center on his desk along with a measuring stick from the House of Dior. There are three photos of Moujik, his 3 French Bulldogs, tacked to his wall as he was on the third Moujik when he passed away. His studio remains as it was the day he retired on October 31, 2002  and Moujik the Third still comes to the office every day as someone who works for the Foundation adopted him.

You would think seeing the Studio was enough but there was more to see. Clementine pulls out an original sketch on which we can see the handwritten notes by Yves Saint Laurent so the dressmakers knew what to change. Next she pulled out the most delicate piece of fabric that I had ever seen. And when she pulled the tissue back I thought I was going to pass out because she was showing us an original embroidered House of Lesage design. I was speechless and close to tears at that point.

From here she lead us to the bookstore, where the tour ended. And I proceeded to buy one of everything.

For More Information: www.foundation-pb-ysl.net

To Schedule A Tour: www.cultival.fr