Street Artists & Fashion


I absolutely love when fashion and art come together. I love it even more when it comes together and the outcome is an amazing piece of street art. Therefore, I thought I would share a few of my favorite street artists and their fashionable yet edgy works.


1491757_10151891809696868_411086753_nFirst on my list is Endless. He is a London-based street artist who studied certain facets of printmaking, graphics, and fine art before hitting the streets. Therefore, when he finally did hit the streets his style, technique, and creative process were on point.

Endless paints “how he sees the world around him at that moment.” I would say that his view on the world has led him to produce some of the most thought-provoking art. His combining of fashion and politics with a touch of humor is spot on.

Some my favorite pieces are the “Chapel” series which plays off the Chanel No5 Perfume bottle, a remake of a Hugo Boss ad with Hitler as the model, and his “High-End Brand Bombs” by Prada and Yves Saint Laurent.

Make sure you take a minute or two and check out Endless The Artist‘s site. And then make sure you follow him on Instagram as he is always posting new pieces.


SheOne_zpsiuj1owwnNext on the list is another British artist, James “SheOne” Choules. Starting in 1984, SheOne became part of the first generation of English Graffiti Artists to work exclusively in spray paint. His unique approach to Graffiti, which is both expressive and abstract, has brought him international recognition.

I love that he can turn any object into a piece of art. From painting large-scale abstract murals in public, to gallery exhibitions, all the way to producing handmade fashion pieces. He never limits himself to one specific medium which I think keeps me interested because you never know what he is going to paint next.

My favorite works of SheOne‘s are his large-scale murals and his abstract Hermes Shopping Bags. One of the great things about his work is that it is just as interesting on an 8 Inches x 11 Inches shopping bag as it is on a wall the measures 48 Feet Long x 24 Feet High. Make sure and stop by SheOne‘s site and if you can, buy his book, which is filled with an amazing collection of his work.

David Flores

floresLast but not least, I have to put David Flores on the list of my favorite street artists. Based in Los Angeles, David is best known for his “Stained Glass” style. David‘s style has the ability to allow his audience to reinterpret a popular image they already have associations with. He teaches them to see the image differently, in a good way.

Of course, my favorite piece of his is the Coco Chanel mural in Beverly Hills at Wilshire and Robertson. The mural was David‘s interpretation of the famous 1935 Man Ray photograph of Chanel dressed in all black, smoking a cigarette, wearing her custom Verdura cuffs, and her signature layers of pearls. Unfortunately, the mural was not up for very long because the City of Beverly Hills made them paint over it. So, I feel very fortunate that I was able to buy a hand embellished print of the mural. I love it!!!

Check out David‘s site as it has his blog with pictures of his work and a shop where he sells prints, toys, and skate decks. Also, follow him on Instagram as he always posts fabulous photos of his works in progress.

Fashion and art are both passions of mine so being able to share this information with you is amazing. Take some time and check out these 3 street artists, I promise you’ll love their work.