Not Just A Label Comes To NYC


Not Just A Label has come to NYC and you only have 4 days left to experience the chicest pop-up in the city. They opened their doors at The Waldorf-Astoria on December 4th with an array of 100 New York designers of clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. I had the honor of visiting the second day they were open and all I have to say is, it’s “beyond chic'” and “you must go before they close their doors at the end of the day on the 13th”. And just think, when you make a purchase, which I know you will, you will not only be supporting local designers but you’ll also look chic and fabulous.

Not Just A Label?

Just in case you don’t know, Not Just A Label, was started by Stefan Siegal and his brother Daniel. They had an idea for a global web platform to present locally made products and since Stefan had the fashion experience and Daniel had the web developer experience they funded the business until it was in the black in its second year.

Not Just A Label‘s main mission is to “preserve and share traditional craftsmanship, diverse manufacturing skills, and local know-how from around the world by ensuring they are shared with today’s emerging designers”. And as of today, Not Just A Label, represents over 20,000 designers from 120 countries.

Please check out their website, as you can read more information on the project and also check out the online shop.