1 Granary, My Favorite New Magazine


1-granary-magazine_newsletter-09-14_storm_2Nothing excites me more than finding a new designer or artist that is on their way up. And the first place I look for new talent is one of the greatest art schools in the world, Central Saint Martins. In the past, I scoured the internet looking for new designers but now, I just order a copy of “1Granary“. “1Granary” is a bi-annual magazine that is a student-run publication celebrating the life and work of Central Saint Martin students both past and present.

It was first published in 2013 and has gained serious momentum as a fashion publication. It started out simply as a platform for this generation of creatives to bring together established artists, image-makers, and designers. As it isn’t easy to be in the creative industry at the moment because of the highest university fees on record, “1Granary” now is an offline and online platform that lets the students show their own voices and listen to the voices of the people who inspire them and who have shared their stories and advice with them.

But when it comes down to it, the students are convinced that they could start being influencers, and take control of realizing their dreams and what happens in their future. Make sure you head to www.1granary.com to see what it’s all about. As it is one of my favorites, I think you will love everything it has to offer.