Best Fashion Trends For The Fall 2016 Season


Fall is very slowly creeping up on us. And now that the September issues of every fashion magazine are out, I wanted to share my top fashion trends for Fall 2016 and my suggestions of what you should be adding to update your wardrobe. This season the Fall fashions have an air of opulence, a richness, and they give off a sensual vibe so, here are my seven Fall trends that are perfect and classic additions.


Luxe fabrics are the biggest trend of Fall 2106 but, the most prominent is velvet, velvet, velvet, it’s everywhere this season. You will see velvet used on dresses, jackets, suits, coats, shoes, and bags. Normally, you would think of velvet as an eveningwear staple but this season velvet is being worn as daywear which definitely brings that sensual opulence to the daytime. The designers have also, updated this luxe fabric with color to give it  a modern feel. The must have velvet item this Fall is a pair of boots either in embroidered velvet or a velvet in a bright color. I love the “Desmond” blue velvet bootie from Ellery.




Feathers are used this season to embellish everything from dresses to shoes. Feathers are usually a standard when it comes to Haute Couture but, the Ready-To-Wear collections went above and beyond, using feathers in innovative new ways. I love the way that feathers hover gracefully over the body, coming to life with the smallest of delicate movements. They also give off a soft and flirty finish to fashion. I believe that adding a feathered vest to your wardrobe for the season is perfect. You will be able to wear it more than once unlike if you bought a feathered dress that you would more than likely only wear once. I love the multi-colored ostrich feather sleeveless vest from Maison Pere.



The military style is very apparent this season with designers  showing jackets, capes, and sailor pants embellished with embroidery, beading, frogging, and an abundance of buttons. The garments are, of course, updated for the modern woman. I suggest adding a military style jacket for Fall, like this one from Off-White.




Extra long sleeves are the preferred sleeve length for many designers this Fall 2016 season. Even though this trend isn’t totally practical, the unexpected proportions make for a very cool look. They need to be so long they are almost impractical. Make sure that your sleeves are the only oversized element of your look. And make sure the rest of the shirt fits well so it doesn’t look like you are wearing your boyfriend’s shirt. I suggest picking up the amazing white shirts that Eloshi debuted for Fall 2016. They have extra long sleeves but have a fitted silhouette for an elegant, chic look.



5You will definitely be able to sparkle this season as designers have used metallics, lame, foil fabrics, sequins, and crystals to design everything from suits to separates. Much like velvet, designers have brought sparkle to the daytime. The way to get around looking flawless in a sequin garment during the day is to dress it down. Take a sequin skirt, like this one for Dion Lee, add a white tee with either a denim or leather jacket, and a pair of sneakers. So chic! And don’t forget the metallic fabric looks shown in gold, silver, and copper this season. Treat the metallics much like you would sequins and make it casual. Take this glittered stretch jersey top from Cedric Charlier and throw it on with some jeans and black military style boots. Classic!



6Plaid is back and can be worn elegantly or you can revert back to being a college student. Loose fitting plaid dresses with varied hemlines are belted for that girl next door look and the college style is shown with varsity jackets,  A-line skirts, and studded accessories mixed with plaids. For the girl next door look, I am infatuated with the paneled, checked, wool blazer mini dress by Jacquemus. And when you want to feel like you are back in college throw on this “Bewin” college jacket from Baum and Pferdgarten.



7Ruffles made their debut back into the fashion fold, during the Spring 2016 Collections but now they have made their way into Fall 2016. This dainty motif is now ultra cool, working their way onto every type of design. But you can choose to wear ruffles full force or you can take a more subtle route. And it will be easy to choose because you are going to find ruffles on the front of dresses, sweaters, skirts, and sleeves. Let’s put it this way, you are going to find ruffles everywhere. I love this ruffled masterpiece from Johanna Ortiz as the ruffles are subtle and you also get the off the shoulder look.

Of course, there are many more trends out for the Fall 2016 but, these are my seven favorites. And even if you only adopt one for your wardrobe, I know you will always be chic. Enjoy your Fall as we get ready to look to the Spring 2017 Collections.

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