Must Have Fall 2016 Accessories


When it comes to Fall 2016 accessories the motto is, “More Is Better”. Whether it’s studded, made of velvet, encrusted, embellished with fur, bedazzled, or spangled, the more lavish your accessories the better. Here are my top picks for accessories this season.

Layers & Layers of Jewelry
Instead of taking one item of jewelry off before leaving the house this season we are adding one piece of jewelry before leaving the house. Update your style with wearing a mix and match of gold, silver, and colored stones. And layering stories of jewelry such as the “Apollo” collection from Eddie Borgo is a perfect way to update your style.


Handbags: Large, Small, & Embellished
And when you go  to buy a new handbag for the season remember, the more graphics or the more embellishments the better. You will see handbags encrusted with gems, embellished with embroideries, and bags in bold graphic prints. I am in love with the graphics on the “Alex Mask” bag from Les Petits Joueurs  Also, size does matter or at least with your handbag it does. This season’s handbags are either very little or very large and not much in between. When it comes to the large handbag you will want to look for that perfect “shopper” as it will give you an open invitation to fit all your essentials. Pick up this amazing shopper in black leather from Mallet & Co.



Belts, Belts, & More Belts
Belts can change your entire look and nothing pulls a look together faster than a belt. And even though this is an everyday item for most people it is most definitely a must for those who don’t this Fall. It’s the one accessory that works with everything and belts are good for all bodies as it cinches your waist in to give you a feminine silhouette. You can choose from many styles including the ultra wide, the eye-catching, the statement buckle, the western, and the skinny. I love Deborah Drattell’s belts as they cover the entire range of belt trends, from every day to the statement-making belt.


The modern loafer is key for your Fall 2016 wardrobe and is the most popular shoe of the season. These menswear-inspired shoes are perfect as you can dress them up or dress them down and let me just mention they are also, comfortable. This season you have many options to choose from as they are shown in bold colors, metallics, heeled, pointed toe, and backless. The black patent heeled loafer from Dorateymur is beyond chic as you can wear them with a boxy suit or throw them on with some jeans and a form-fitting cashmere sweater. And the embroidered velvet loafer from SanayI313 is to die for with the intricate raised bee that is their signature.


Whether it’s crocheted, striped, fishnet, in primary colors, or bejeweled, hosiery is everywhere for the Fall. So leave your bare legs behind and wear the easiest trend of the season. You will fall in love with all the options available that tights will become a necessity in your wardrobe. I’m in love with the selection of tights from Commando. Their floral tights, thigh highs, and textured tights are perfect to dress up your legs this Fall.


Shearling Everything
Luxuriant shearling is blanketing everything from clothing to shoes this Fall season. You will want to bundle up in the season’s favorite coat, cropped, colored, or even long length. And don’t forget shoes, as you will see the fluffy material on boots all the way down to sandals. Shearling is a staple that will always be in style so don’t fret on spending a little more money for the perfect shearling accessory as it will be timeless. Perfection is the Karl Donoghue two tone shearling gilet in black and white. For shoes, I’m in love with Rupert Sanderson’s shearling trimmed leather boots.


The Corset
7This season the corset was spotted from designer to designer but reinterpreted in a completely different way. The key to wearing the corset is layering. Wear it on top of shirts, dresses, sweaters, and even overcoats. The corsets for Fall will accentuate your waist but in a more relaxed way than the corsets of the late 1800’s. The leather corset from Sally LaPointe is everything you want in a corset, leather, modern, and chic.

Now that we have the accessories for Fall we can begin to look to Spring for what’s next. And from what I have seen so far you will have a lot to choose from for your Spring wardrobe. Stay Chic!!!

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