Introducing Do Hee Kim


I came across Do Hee Kim this past May at the Parsons School of Fashion 2018 Graduate Exhibition. What caught my eye about the thesis collection of Do Hee Kim, was the simplicity and elegance that went into each design. Yet, I could tell that there was detailed craftsmanship throughout the collection. Between visiting Do Hee Kim’s website and reaching out to the designer for further details, I found out that she is not only a brilliant designer but the thought that went into her thesis is truly authentic.


What was your inspiration for your thesis project?

Her inspiration for her thesis project came from an image of a sculpture created by an unknown artist called “Fall of Rebel Angels”. Do Hee Kim say, “Just by looking at the whole chaos that was happening in the sculpture, I was able to connect myself to being overwhelmed by the society and the people I was around. I felt that I get too influenced by the world and thought my identity was getting lost. Through this project, I wanted to express my confusion of undefined identity and also to state that it is necessary to identify which part of me came from my inner self or from the world. I believe this is important because this step will help my voice to stay strong and create a balance between the world and myself.”

What were the materials and techniques you used to design your thesis?

“For the thesis project, I’ve mostly used felt. I love working with felt because since it is very stiff, it can easily hold shape and give a clean edge,” she says.

“For the human form, I’ve embroidered the basic body form with yarn on a heavy felt surface. I went back with the sewing machine to outline the body, and then cut them into separate pieces and stitched them together in a shape that matches with the garment.”

She explains, “For the textile underneath, I’ve bought a bunch of wool roving and spun the yarn very tightly with a spindle and sewed them on the organza fabric.”

“This is a shoe I made for this project. I bought a used shoe and covered the surface with plastic human form molds. I poured resin on top to glaze the whole piece.”

What is your plan for the future?

“My plan for the future is to continue to work on this project while looking for a job. Even though I finished my school, I want to explore different ways to take the project further. Now, that is a plan for this year but, in the later phase in my life, I want to launch my own brand that can dress people who are having a difficult time expressing themselves.”


I see a bright future for Do Hee Kim and could even see her taking her craft to a high-end fashion brand such as Oscar de la Renta or even a Maison in Paris. Her talent is strong enough and unique enough that I also believe she could actually fulfill her dream of launching her own brand. I highly recommend you check out her website at and follow her on Instagram @dohee433.