Thursday, April 18, 2024

About EA

A digital magazine focused on emerging, innovative and sustainable global fashion designers.

I wanted to create a platform to give emerging, innovative and sustainable fashion designers the platform they need and deserve.

Living in New York, I have had a chance to meet many designers just starting out and have learned about the struggles and battles that they go through trying to seek out a place for themselves in the world of fashion. And as I have traveled to various European countries, I learned that it is the same for designers all over the world.

It would also occur to me as I looked through my monthly subscriptions of every fashion magazine that they rarely talk about emerging designers. But, when they did focus on a new designer, it would be in a one-time 3 inch by 3 inch blurb with a few pictures of the clothes and the designer and that's it, never to be heard about again. It's not enough to expect the readers to the go forward to research and find out more on that designer, not everyone is like me.

There needs to be a place where new emerging designers and enthusiasts of fashion can come to find the new, the emerging, and the innovators of fashion all in one place. That's why I want to launch "Emerging Atelier".

Whitney Gates

Founder and Editor in Chief

Our focus


Innovative designers think outside the box as they have to work harder to stand out so they use new ways of craftsmanship, technology, fabric manipulations, and sustainability.


Emerging designers care about the craftsmanship and details or their garments as they are creating them by hand. Techniques include couture elements, such as hand embroidery and embellishments, hand dyeing and printing their own textiles, and hand finishing garments.


Emerging designers are on the forefront of sustainability in the fashion world. They tend to pay more attention to their materials, the practice of upcycling, and producing locally which has a positive impact of producing less waste.

A few of our featured designers

In-depth interviews with today's best emerging, innovative and sustainable fashion designers.

Our look at the 2019 LVMH finalists

Explore our designer to watch

Insights and information about the world's best new, innovative and sustainable fashion designers.

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