Friday, September 29, 2023

Hed Mayner


Hed Mayner is the Israeli born Tel Aviv based designer behind the luxury menswear fashion brand Hed Mayer. He started his studies at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem to later move to the Parisian Institut Fran├žais de la Mode to discover new aspects of fashion and craft, which enriched his aesthetics and understanding that body language is vital. In 2015, his first collection was a mix of the stylish and authentic everyday separates with a touch for the finer details. And every since that day, Hed Mayner designs evoke the "idea of spirituality, tradition, vulnerability, power, and nobility."

Hed addresses the essentials of a male wardrobe while knowing that when he designs, body language, such as attitude and confidence, is the key. Since he never joined the Israeli military, he was always inspired by the uniforms along with traditional Jewish Orthodox tailoring. He designs with the perfect balance of opposites such as strength, vulnerability, fluidity, and structure. Mayner advocates a timeless and unfussy approach to design, using natural fibers and pure fabrications, as well as a layered silhouette fitting different climates and contexts and his signature color palette of neutrals.

I will keep an eye on Hed Mayner and his namesake label. Between the superb designs and luxurious fabrics, he is going to have not only the men but, the women wanting to wear his garments. He describes his Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Collection as "treating garments as sculpture." Sculptures are what evoke his voluminous and disproportionate silhouettes. When you see the collection, you will understand what he means immediately. For Hed Mayner fashion is genuinely an art.

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