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Spencer Phipps


Spencer Phipps is the San Francisco born designer behind the menswear line Phipps. Spencer studied at Parsons School of Design in New York City where he was a nominee for "designer of the year" when he graduated in 2008. His graduate collection was an initial exploration of sustainable fashion. After graduating, he honed his skill at Marc Jacobs as part of the menswear design team and then relocated to Antwerp to work with Dries Van Noten as their first American menswear designer. He is currently living and working in Paris.

Phipps launched in 2017 on the principles of appreciation and concern for the natural world. Spencer was frustrated by the lack of garments available in the menswear category that were both stylish and environmentally aware. So he started exploring the concept of sustainability and environmental responsibility in the world of style.

His goal was to change the way we, as a culture, consume by creating products that are produced with respect for the environment, that can educate and enhance people's lives. Spencer has said, "I expect Phipps pieces to be able to withstand a lot, but within that framework of functionality and durability it's imperative for me to design garments that feel unique and new, and that there is an element of education."

Phipps' garments are known for their rough hand and natural dye pigments that will ensure the brand's aesthetic stands apart from the rest of the menswear market. Their slouchy, masculine silhouette is a relatively rare mix of crunchy eco and high fashion. Fabrics are eco-friendly, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and padding made from recycled plastic bottles, but as Phipps insists, unlike many other eco brands, he's about "aesthetics first."

It's excellent that Phipps works with many manufacturers from around the world that share their standards for ethical and responsible business methods. The responsibility that they are always striving to improve their practices as they move forward and, as a modern fashion company, they are merely trying to do the right thing is stunning. Phipps is a step in the right direction for the fashion world to educate people that we need to give up fast fashion for sustainable "conscious" clothing.

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