Friday, September 29, 2023

Pauline De Blonay


Pauline De Blonay, originally from Geneva, Switzerland, is a 2019 graduate with her BA from Central Saint Martins in London. Pauline went to CSM because it allowed her a place where she could work in a way that allowed her to flirt between fashion, jewelry, and fine art. Her Graduate Collection won her the 2nd runner up of the L'Oreal Pro Young Talent Womenswear Award.

BFA Graduate Collection
Blonay's collection consisted of learning and combining different techniques and materials evolving around mixed silver, metallic substances which, became a metaphor for body strength. She experimented a lot with different materials and figured out her way of casting pieces of her body in metal. She also developed a technique that allows her to create moldable clothes, which is an image of fragile strength, allows the wearer to give the shape they want to the garment. She found inspiration from different artists such as Anish Kapoor, Saint Clair Cemin, and Alexandra Bircken for their metalwork and Verushka for the body paint. Also took inspiration directly from her drawings to stay true to the colors and textures. Her final look was also her most memorable design of the collection, a moldable dress covered in portraits of herself and her friends. It can take any shape you want and can be quite classy or dramatic.

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