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Parson's MFA Fashion
Design shows.

Most popular Parsons MFA Fashion designers

Spring 2020

It's Wednesday, September 4th and I'm sitting front row at the first show, Parsons MFA Fashion Design, on my 31 show agenda. The lights dim and the music starts to thump, and the first ensemble by Bugs Garson steps onto the runway. I know immediately from the first design that the Parsons MFA show would leave me speechless and wanting more.

When it comes to the Parsons MFA Show, I love the fact that these 12 designers have access to limitless resources. And they have freedom when it comes to their design innovations because they don't have the burden of selling their collections. The show is to debut emerging talent and give them a chance to be seen and heard.

The 12 designers gave us multiple textures, experimental tailoring, sustainable garments, deconstructed reconstruction, and handcrafted pieces that are uncommon to see from young designers. But, many of the designers often "say they are artists and entertainers as well as a designer." This statement made total sense as soon as each of the 12 collections went down the runway.

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