Thursday, October 21, 2021

Hualei Yu


Hualei Yu was born and raised in China before attending Parsons in New York. She designs garments that embody her time as a child trying to follow the rules and making mistakes. Therefore, her thesis collection entitled "Miss Understood" is about the image of misunderstanding. She aims to challenge the perception of identity through the idea of misunderstanding objects and their perceived iconography. And by doing that she injects a sense of happiness to the monotony of life.

The entire collection is about misunderstanding and irony, with designs that play on the opposing views between language and words. For example, Hualei took" jackets" from iconic vinyl albums, such as the Beatles' Abby Road, and had them enlarged and printed on jackets. She also took the infamous NYC take-out coffee cup and attached the disassembled "cup" to the cup of a bikini top. The tailoring of her designs was impeccable, especially in the not so familiar silhouettes of her suiting and dresses. She made the oversized look as if it belonged with the more fitted designs in the collection. And even though her thesis was entitled "Miss Understood," many in the audience needed no explanation.

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