Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Jue Liu


Jue Liu's thesis collection aims to challenge societies perception of the perfect body by using more flexibility and fluidity in her designs. By using her own so-called physical imperfections, bulbous soft foam expansions of the body encased in skin-like mesh contraptions; she shows us how to embrace the struggle between the real and the constructed body. Through the magnification of these imperfections, she proposes new-found confidence and self-acceptance of shape and form.

She used the body as a disproportionate landscape utilizing the body as a valley, stream, or space just to play, to define her reality of the type of woman she wants to see. She also used mesh, foam padding, lingerie finishes, and crystal beading to reference different aspects of the female body. Her thesis presented a new beauty that embraces the struggle between the real and constructed body, defining the type of woman she wants to see.

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