Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Ji Min Lee


Korean born Ji Min Lee established her thesis collection, "Female Gaze," on the female viewpoint of the male physique. By attending live drawing classes of the male form, Lee was able to explore her ideas of the male anatomy, sexuality, eroticism, masculinity, and femininity. This drawing class she attended ultimately was a way of liberating herself from her strict Korean traditions. Through her drawings, Lee focused on specific physical male indicators like the abdominal v-line, the treasure trail, the sacral dimple, etc. She used these investigations as the starting point for her silhouette and fabrication developments.

We all know that men's business suits are the hallmark of masculinity. Her deconstructed men's suiting included jackets and pants that had random arms and legs missing. The suits revealed areas of the models' bodies with mesh fabrics that had meticulous beading work in their place. Lee emphasized the beauty and fragility of the male form but what's interesting about her work is the gender fluidity throughout the collection.

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