Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Meg Calloway


Meg Calloway has long been "obsessed with craft and the act of making." Her thoughts and emotions give life and form to her work. Inspired by the dramatic energy of artists, the imperfection of hand-craft, and the rebellion of subcultures, her work highlights alternative ways of making. She embraces an outsider status within fashion, and she is uninhibited by traditional forms of construction. Meg's thesis is a body of work that is an interrogation of varied interests and practices. She explores rebellion and crafted identity and a manifestation of the artist's immersive process and world.

Calloway debuted fused, impeccable tailoring with intricate and gauzy knits in a color palette of black with pops of pink and white. She showed a high level of craftsmanship mixed with a D.I.Y punk ethos, and each garment had a touch of darkness with a soft feminine flare. She claims her pieces are "intuitive" and "uninhibited by traditional forms of construction." But even though the construction was uninhibited, each garment gave off an air of elegance.

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