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Spanish Runway Trends Fall/Winter 2019-2020


Leather designs are always a given when it comes to the Fall and Winter seasons. And between Antonio Miro, Esau Yori, and Juan Vidal, they were able to transform leather classics into must-haves for the season. Designed to be structured, oversized, or classic, you will be able to dig out your past leather purchases or add some new pieces to your wardrobe.


Bring on the fabulous feathers morning, noon, and especially at night. Ze Garcia, Ruben Galarreta, and The 2nd Skin Co. designed creations that literally fluttered down the catwalk for the Fall/Winter season. I mean, who doesn't love feathers?


If it doesn't have sequins, lurex, lame, chain mail, or other over the top embellishments, then don't bother wearing it. Aubergin, The 2nd Skin Co., and Duyos sent sparkle and shine down the runway that was pure perfection. Maybe we should change the motto "All That Glitters is Not Gold" to "All That Glitters is Gold."


The creator of Dynasty called, and he totally wants credit for the in your face shoulders this season. Juan Vidal, Polite, and Agnes Sunyer nailed the trend for Fall and Winter. The structured shoulder was designed with each ensemble in mind, so it's not the BAM-in your face shoulder that it was in the 1980s.

Goth floral

Melancholy blooms meet bondage mixed with yards of black lace gives us a grown-up version of a grudge, gothic, dark romance atmosphere for the Fall and Winter season. Duyos, Marcus Leungo, and Ailanto sent their elegant and sophisticated collections of gorgeous goth down the runway. It was beautiful to see but still had a bite of horror.


Capes are a classic that will stick around for numerous seasons since they can be designed and modified into a version with a glimmer of newness. Miguel Mariner, The 2nd Skin co., and Palomo Spain knocked their translation on the cape out of the park. They showed that a cape could be basic black, the main piece of an ensemble, or it can even sport flames.


What would fall be without tartan? Teresa Helbig, Marcus Luengo, and Aubergin gave us the perfect examples of plaid for Fall and Winter. Traditional plaid with leather, plaid as an accent piece, and plaid mixed with denim are just a few of the versions for the season.

Tonal layering

Tone on tone on tone was a heavily recycled trend that crossed all pertinent fashion weeks for the Fall//Winter 2019-2020 season. Angel Schlesser, Duyors, and Ulises Merida showed this trend in such a sophisticated manner that you would not even call it a trend. Tonal is definitely chic!


Dramatic volumes and maximalist feelings were on view at Moises Nieto, Ana Locking, and Angel Schlesser shows. Volumes included layers upon layers, wide-cut silhouettes, and oversized asymmetrical lines. More is more.


Pops of technicolor from designers like Pablo Erroz, Marcos Luengo, and Killing Weekend shows us that just because it's the colder seasons doesn't mean bright colors have to be saved for Spring and Summer. A pop of color is vital for the Fall and Winter and turns the standard color up from the basic blacks, grays, and camel.

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