Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Son Jung Wan

Spring/Summer 2020

"Into The Splendor" was the perfect title for Korean designer Son Jung Wan's Spring/Summer 2020 Collection. I felt transported back to the '70s, where fashion was both glamorous and always had a touch of grandeur. She sent designs down the runway that were a take on vintage with a modern edge. And it was one of the undeniable highlights at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020.

From the first look of a white petal sleeved dress with cyber yellow dots to the final look of a blue and silver v-neck silk sequined striped gown, this collection was the embodiment of the spring and summer seasons.

Color, non-traditional prints, and details were the stars of the runway with varied prints and unforgettable hues. The color palette included a soft rainbow of neutral tones, yellows, pinks, whites, greens, and blues. Son Jung Wan created designs in stunning metallic fabrics, airy sequined layers of silk and lace, large polka dot prints, embroidered textures, and asymmetrical and edgy silhouettes.

The collection was a cohesive story of 42 effortless looks even though each look was unique and sophisticated enough to stand its own. I loved the fact that Son Jung Wan dreams up and presents a fresh collection every season. Her runway shows are always a breath of fresh air. And you can always count on her giving us luxury and drama.

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