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LIE by Chung Chung Lee

Spring/Summer 2020

The LIE Spring/Summer 2020 Collection was inspired by Haenyeo, which translates to 'women of the sea'. The Korean designer Chung Chung Lee, took the spirit of these female divers who are now mostly in their 80's and gave us a collection that manifests Lee's multicultural perspective into a memorable runway show full of playful yet restrained designs.

Before his own label, Chung was starting out on Savile Row learning from the master menswear designer Oswald Boateng. This apprenticeship proved very beneficial to him at honing his impeccable tailoring techniques. From this apprenticeship, he eventually launched a menswear line, A. Hallucination, in London. He received critical acclaim for his first collection by well-known fashion magazines, and he was awarded many prestigious accolades.

From there, LIE, which stands for Life is Expression, was launched in 2011, by Chung and his sister Nana. Their designs use sculptural shapes, proportion, and texture accompanied by intricate details and tailoring. Their main goal behind launching the brand was a growing desire for affordable luxury for the modern-day creative woman.

The duo celebrates the playful take on an oceanic romance for the Spring/Summer 2020 Collection. Each design gave us a narrative color palette of blue, red, pink, and purple. With their inspiration, exquisite taste, and laid back demeanor, the collection was flawless. Diving suits transform into modern mock-neck blouses combined with Chantilly and knitted lace with wave patterns. And sweatshirts and wrap skirts incorporated their own traditional styles for impact. Shades of neon could be seen underneath vibrant hues of blue and aqua representing waves charging along the coastlines. Therefore each design made for a stunning collection that ruled the runway with its color, silhouettes, and master techniques.

To this very day, with LIE's success, Chung never forgets his roots and weaves a story into the brand's fabric every day. With such stunning and innovative designs, it's no wonder that independent and creative women from around the world have converged upon the brand.

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