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London calling.


Letter from the editor

For the first issue of Emerging Atelier, I wanted to bring you both emerging and innovative designers from London, which I believe has always been ahead of the game when it came to fashion. London is a very creative place in terms of fashion and the designers are willing to take risks in different ways. American designers are focused first on the business and creativity tends to take a back seat.

I am fully aware that not all designers "make it" with their own brand but I believe if they have the talent and the drive why shouldn't they get more exposure?

I remember John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, both graduates of the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London, breaking into the fashion world with a drive and a daring that bucked the fashion world at the time. Yes, they both worked for other fashion houses, like most emerging designers do but, they both eventually brought us memorable, daring, and beautiful brands based on their own names. When they both launched their own brands I remember feeling like I was witnessing a reinvention of fashion as they both were not afraid to cross the line.

Sometimes it's not always kosher to cross the line but I believe as an emerging designer that if you don't try crossing that line at least once you'll never know what could have been. So, that's why I think you see so many amazing designers coming out of the UK.

Emerging designers are normally the first to debut new looks, which sends a wave through the passionate fashion consumers into accepting emerging trends. If these emerging trends take off, the designer's brand could see positive results. But, remember positive results are only one of the directions a brand can go. Designers can also greatly influence what direction fashion will go in on an international level.

In this issue I bring you three designers based in London who all have unique and amazing brands that are leaving a mark in the fashion world. Also, in this issue you will find a collection of British designers you should be keeping your eye on due to their talent and innovation and the emerging trends of Spring/Summer 2019 that were most prevalent at London Fashion Week.

Whitney Gates

Founder and Editor in Chief

Featured designers

London Fashion Week SS19 trends

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