Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Yong Guo


Chinese designer, Yong Guo's thesis collection, focuses on 'the idea of imperfection as perfection.' His mother was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago. And this crushing situation changed his mother's outlook on her own identity as a woman, both physically and emotionally. By concentrating on and being inspired by his mother's pre-cancer wardrobe, he intended to re-contextualize her former identity into the now and present the exposed imperfections as a new idea of female beauty.

Yong Guo chose traditional colors, navy, white, black, and red, for his thesis collection. Designs included complex Trompe-l' oeil fabrications, stripes, sophisticated draping of pants and skirts, and transparent woven techniques. The detail that each garment had was minimal yet impactful, delicate yet powerful, and rigid yet soft. His inspiration for his thesis was told beautifully and to the point.

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