Wednesday, May 29, 2024



Originally from Pakistan, Zill-E-Huma grew up in a small village where she had perceptions of what America/NYC would be, and it was different from what she experienced. Her thesis collection is a composition of three women she befriended, a police officer, a pole dancer, and a writer and the memories of her childhood in Pakistan. Being a Muslim, Pakistani woman, she believes the industry lacks diversity. Therefore, she wants to use her thesis as an opportunity to show something different through her political viewpoints. She used the fear of the big city to excite and challenge herself in immersing in the culture which aroused a contradicting sense of style.

The core ethics that drove her to execute this collection include freedom, sexuality, and desire. Floral beading, pops of orange, red gingham, and clear plastic were used in the varied body of work. She hopes to create a new dialogue that empowers women from diverse cultural backgrounds, without the burden of assimilating to societal intentions.

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