Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tara Babylon


Arabian-British designer, Tara Babylon used her experiences over the years to create a thesis collection that conveyed the world as a whole, kind of like a melting pot. Baghdad, London, Sheffield, Manchester, and New York City are the five cities that designer, Tara Babylon was inspired by for her MFA thesis collection. Safety pins reflected Sheffield, crochet reminded her of Baghdad, McDonald's and neon colors represented Manchester, sex and fetish were reflections from London, and college varsity graphics represented NYC. She found inspiration by collages, silhouettes, and dancing, with fabric playing a pivotal role in the movement. She also likens her designs to "craft couture with hard glamour," and the pieces are for bodies that "do not identify as gender-specific."

Romanticism, hard glamour, streetwear, and culture collide to create explosive looks that are curated, photographed, and then collaged. Her thesis addressed gender fluidity via incredible craftwork. Playful, dramatic, and colorful, the pieces by Tara combined carpets, fluffy fabrics, woven details, and coat hangers. Designs also heavily showcased plaid with bright blue, orange, lime green and mustard colors. She also wanted to create movement, so she used latex to showcase the fluidity in the fabric throughout the collection. Bright handwoven textiles combine with the identical digital prints in her designs. Tara says, "I like playing with color and pattern. loves tugging the line between masculine and feminine."

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