Thursday, April 18, 2024

Sho Konishi


Japanese designer Sho Konishi believes that fashion is a celebration, the rituals of humanity, celebrating life and his obsession with it. His MFA thesis collection entitled "Garden of Eden" was a wearable archive of life and nature as material. Konishi explored sustainability through the idea of "Urban Nature." The reality is almost everything we wear or use in some way previously had a life. Plastic usage these days seems nearly unavoidable, and to a lot of people is just a material to be used and thrown away. But plastic came from life as well and doesn't just go away. Once made, it is here forever.

By combining plastic and nature in his collection, it was a way of showing respect to these things, not just as a material. The designs that came down the runway made the models look like eco-apocalypse warriors. They dressed in plastic garments that contained seeds, plants, feathers, dried flowers, and other natural elements. References to recycling and the earth carried throughout the pieces. The collection made you think about the future of fashion and how the production of garments needs to change.

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