Thursday, April 18, 2024

Netflix enters emerging fashion.

If you haven't had a chance to watch "Next In Fashion" on Netflix, it's time to grab some snacks and binge.

Hosted by the always fashionable Tan France and Alexa Chung, this fashion competition is the real deal.

I think the reason this version of a fashion competition works is that all design, drawing, choosing fabrics, draping, pattern cutting, sewing, fittings, happens in one shared space. There is definitely something to be said about cohesiveness.

I also love the fact that they featured designers not just from the United States but also from South Korea, China, the UK, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and Italy.

And I was very excited about the series since 2 of the 18 designers are featured on Emerging Atelier.

Carli Pearson from the UK and the designer behind the brand Cimone has been featured not only on my Instagram feed but was also a "Designer to Watch" in my first issue of the Emerging Atelier Magazine. Carli went on to win two challenges in the competition and made it to the top 8 out of 18. I have had my eye on Carli for some time now as I have watched her much needed take on luxury fashion in our fast-fashion world. She runs Cimone like an Atelier in that she rejects the seasonal structure of the fashion world and believes the designs she makes are more of a sculpture and are a way of decorating and shaping the body.

Angel Chen from China and the designer behind Angel Chen Studios has been featured on my Instagram feed, back in December of 2018. Angel went on to win three challenges in the competition and made it to the top 4 out of 18. Angel Chen came to my attention when she was named one of the top 5 designers to watch in 2014 by ID Magazine. It's impressive that she is one of the first Chinese designers to have an impact both locally and globally. She is ingenious in how she fuses streetwear-inspired elements with artisanal details.

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